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2501, 2017

Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Anchorage, KY

January 25th, 2017|Rug Cleaning, Uncategorized|

Woven treasures such as Oriental and Persian rugs can really make a house feel like a warm and cozy home. Many handmade rugs can be made by just a few people and can take years to very intricately hand-knot the entire thing. So when it’s time to clean it, don’t even think about letting Stan […]

501, 2017

What Makes LCR So Special Anyway?

January 5th, 2017|Berber Carpet Repair, Bleach Spot Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Dyeing, Carpet Repair, Carpet Stretching, Rug Cleaning, Uncategorized|

With a growing city of over 700,000 residents and a new proclaimed “professional” carpet cleaning company popping up all the time, what makes Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair so special?
That’s an easy enough question to answer. It’s in our name! We are Louisville’s one and only company that solely focuses the repairing and dyeing of […]

2812, 2016

Carpet Re-stretching in Middletown, KY

December 28th, 2016|Carpet Stretching, Uncategorized|

A very common call we receive is for carpet re-stretching. I will usually ask a few questions about the rippled carpet including, the age of the carpet, when was it installed, what areas of the home do the wrinkles appear in the carpet, etc.
I then go on to explain to the caller that 90% of […]

912, 2016

We Don’t Just Clean Carpets…We ColorClean Them!

December 9th, 2016|Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Rug Cleaning, Uncategorized|

Did you know your carpet loses 2% to 3% of its color every single year? It’s true. Sunlight or harsh cleaning chemicals are the biggest factors that cause fading in the color of your carpet.
Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair  can restore the faded colors through our expert ColorClean carpet cleaning system. Our dyes are guaranteed […]